Inbound & Outbound

Wanchi specializes in crafting meticulously designed inbound and outbound tour packages that offer travelers a chance to explore Ethiopia's awe-inspiring landscapes, historic sites, vibrant cities, and local traditions.

Vacation Package

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, our vacation packages provide a perfect blend of leisure and adventure. From luxurious beach getaways along the Rift Valley lakes to serene escapes in the Ethiopian highlands, we curate vacations that cater to all preferences.

Event planning

We responsibly handle and provide what your company need for the event and coordinating all of the moving parts involved in ensuring events go smoothly, including choosing venues, catering services, and hiring performers.

Wanchi Coffee

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Business Travel

We understand the unique needs of corporate travelers, and our dedicated business travel services ensure seamless and efficient travel arrangements. From flight bookings to accommodation and meeting arrangements, we optimize business trips for productivity and comfort.

Flight Ticket Bookings

With a commitment to convenience and accessibility, we provide seamless flight ticket booking services. Our access to a wide network of airlines enables us to offer competitive prices and flexible options, making air travel planning straightforward and efficient.

Car Rental

We provide different kind of car based on your request.

Hotels Booking

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